AJAI SHARMA Proprietor Safarigrills India

AJAI SHARMA Proprietor Safarigrills India

What if you are not paid for the work you have done

Website Designing is a very crucial and trusting part of putting your business on the World Wide Web. And a web design agency takes all the necessary concerns and measures into consideration while designing and developing a website for a client.

It takes a lot of work, efforts and of course time to get a website up and running.

But unfortunately some clients play the dirty game of blackmailing and putting false allegations on the agency just to get the website for free or at lesser amount than what was pre decided.

Safari Grills Owned By Ajai Sharma

We recently completed a website for one of our client Safari Grills owned by Ajai Sharma in India who broke the business ethics and trust by not paying the mutually agreed amount after finishing the website.

Safari Grills Approached ICO WebTech Private Limited

Ms. Punya Sharma, Safari Grills approached us for web design and development for two of their websites. We communicated by informing them with affirmation and our discounted price since they wanted to get two websites done by us. We also communicated our payment terms of fifty percent advance payment for both the websites. Then they changed their mind and wanted to start with one website at a time. We were alright with this and agreed to part payment which included 50% advance of one website and then on the completion of the first website Safari Grills will pay us the remaining half of first website plus the advance payment (50%) of the second website.

Safari Grills Apprehensive about making 50% advance payment.

But they were apprehensive about giving 50% advance payment so we understood and renegotiated the advance payment to less than 15% of the total cost, and the remaining advance of first website after the client sees a working model of first website. Rest of the terms were same.

Safari Grills also agreed to these new terms and after receiving the advance we started working on the website. As agreed earlier we showed them the working model of the website and asked them for the remaining amount of the advance.Since they liked the website so they gave us the remaining advance payment. So we completed the first website and the client loved it. Hence we asked for the remaining payment.

Safari Grills India didn’t fulfill the commitment and did not pay the balance

But it’s unfortunate to see that Safari Grills broke our trust and business ethics by reducing the final payment amount as per their convenience.

This clearly shows their business approach and the way they treat their clients too. We urge all of you to beware of such fraudulent firms and people like Ms Punya Sharma and Mr Ajay Sharma to protect your time and efforts from being a total waste.

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